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Eyes on Technology: What is The nMD1 and How is it Used?

neurolenses BlogThe nMD1 is a cutting-edge diagnostic tool employed at our clinic in West Hartford. It is crucial in assessing visual misalignment, particularly for individuals experiencing discomfort during prolonged screen usage or intricate visual tasks. 

By utilizing the nMD1, our eye doctor can effectively determine the appropriate treatment pathways, including the prescription of neurolenses, to alleviate eye strain and promote optimal visual comfort. 

Empowering Visual Comfort with Neurolenses: Who Are They For?

Neurolenses are specialized prism optic lenses designed to alleviate the symptoms of visual misalignment, which can lead to eye strain and discomfort. These lenses are particularly beneficial for people who spend extensive hours engaged in screen-based work or intricate visual tasks. Students, professionals working with computers, and anyone experiencing chronic eye strain can find relief with neurolenses. 

Experience Accurate Prescription for Neurolenses from Kemp Eyecare

At Kemp Eyecare, we prioritize using advanced technologies to provide our patients with the best possible eye care solutions.

The nMD1's precision in diagnosing eye misalignment enables our eye doctor to provide tailored prescriptions for neurolenses. By precisely addressing the specific visual needs of each individual, we aim to alleviate the strain and discomfort often associated with prolonged screen time and other detailed visual activities. 

If you believe you may benefit from these lenses, schedule an appointment with Kemp Eyecare in West Hartford to explore how neurolenses can enhance your visual comfort and overall well-being.