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My experience was fabulous soup to nuts! Traffic getting there that day was heavy, so I called and Amy, at the front desk assured me that they would make it work! Great news since I was driving 40 minutes to get there (I live in the country). I walk in and Tim, who was on his way to help a customer with glasses, welcomed me. Mark and a technician he was training brought me into a room and assessed me with common tests and instruments. So far so good!

Then Dr. Kemp came in to finish up the appt. Very professional and knowledgeable and with a healthy sense of humor to boot! Gave me the complete run down as to what he recommended now, what I could expect later on and why. On to the dreaded process of picking out frames, right?! Nope! Most pleasant experience ever! Jen was spot on, friendly and with a healthy sense of humor as well. I highly recommend Kemp Eye Care to all! Exceptional service with smiles all around... even behind the masks;)

- Paola Maroney